Jibber-Jabber Fun Care

Jibber- Jabber Fun Care is an amazing place where a child can investigate and explore the world around them, where parents can feel that they have left their children in a safe and exciting environment. When the children are picked up they are well cared for and happy. We are a large family daycare that strives to make each day fun and engaging for the children that have been entrusted to us. We offer a preschool curriculum, field trips, and lots of exciting arts and crafts. We feel that children learn best when allowed to use their imagination at every possible turn. We love what we do here and we think you will to!
















  • "As first time parents, it was very hard for us to decide on a daycare for our son. After interviewing over 10 daycare places, I ranked Jibber Jabber Fun Care as number 1, due t..."
    Emmie & Joe
  • "What a great place Jibber-Jabber Fun Care is. We recently started taking our two boys to Christie. Our boys love going there. Our youngest is full-time and is excited to tell me..."

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